In all our years of advisory, we’ve never recommended a PBX – and we’re certainly not going to start now!

We believe the critical question for businesses today is not if or when to adopt a cloud communications and/or contact center but rather how and with whom?

The continuous saturation of the supplier market and evolving 3rd party integrations create a complex decision process for clients to navigate.

Our experience, relationships, knowledge of the market and comparison tools enable clients to simplify vendor selection – saving valuable time, energy and capital.

Project Profiles

Large eCommerce Company

Industry: Online Gift and Floral

Revenue: $1.5 Billion

Offices: eCommerce in 195 Countries

Coworkers: 5,000

Use-Case: Improve customer experience. Integrate contact center with 20+ applications.

Recommendation: Contact Center-as-a-Service

Outcome: Lowered costs, increased reliability and stability. Integrated 20 platforms, enabled true Omni-Channel capabilities.

Global Footwear Merchant

Industry: Retail

Revenue: $8 Billion

Offices: 3,000+, 28 Countries

Coworkers: 32,000

Use-Case: Replace analog and modernize customer support. Add network capability for in store kiosk and online sales integration.

Recommendation: UCaaS/CCaaS and SDWAN/Network Transformation

Outcome: Millions in cost savings, centralized contact center across multiple channels and one global communications system.

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