Covid-19 and rapid technology innovation has changed the way enterprises communicate with customers, coworkers and partners.

Networks have moved from being exclusively static and private to ubiquitous while intelligence has moved from the supplier core to the client edge.

Internet based networks are now more ubiquitous and reliable. While some applications still need private connections, organizations should consider a multi-tiered delivery model.

The ability to support work from anywhere and distributed applications with higher availability, better performance and stronger security has become the new standard. With our comparison tool-set along with access to real time fiber network intelligence, we architect the highest performing and most cost effective outcomes.

Project Profiles

Global Manufacturing Conglomerate

Industry: Business/Consumer Services

Revenue: $12.57 Billion

Offices: 80+, 52 Countries

Coworkers: 43,000

Use-Case: Normalize security and networking stack around the world.

Recommendation: SDWAN/SASE

Outcome: Replaced legacy private network in favor of more reliable, consistent and secure connections to remote sites as well as SaaS/Cloud services. Over 30% cost reduction.

Provider of Education Technology, Print and Digital

Industry: Retail

Revenue: $3.1 Billion

Offices: 2,700 stores, eCommerce in 150 countries

Coworkers: 12,000

Use-Case: Replace aging network equipment, streamline network and security architecture.

Recommendation: SDWAN/SASE.  Replaced MPLS with diverse broadband and wireless backup.

Outcome: Successfully transformed from static private network to redundant Internet based public network with high availability and improved application performance. Saved millions in Wide Area Network costs and integrated store wireless and security.

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