Cybersecurity has become the new acronym wasteland – MDR, EDR, XDR, SIEM, IR, BU, DR, APT, AV, DLP, IAM, IDS/IPS, MSSP and the list goes on and on.

Where does backup, disaster recovery and overall business continuity fit?

In security, we believe bigger is not always better and great point solutions abound. It is imperative enterprises build a comprehensive posture ensuring data sources integrate seamlessly and scattered data yields actionable insight. Can you recover from a loss of data? What to do if you are breached? Will your insurance carrier renew your policy? What’s actionable?

Security and data protection go hand in hand. Correlation of sources across user, device, applications, and networks provides the ability to defend, diagnose, mitigate and recover from incidents.

Project Profiles

Multinational Manufacturing Company

Industry: Food Service

Revenue: $2.72 Billion

Offices: 500+, 11 Countries

Coworkers: 10,000

Use-Case: Seamless data protection and security posture across 75 locations.

Recommendation: Data Protection as a Service

Outcome: Standardized single global platform with pay as you go. Backup, Disaster Recovery and Ransomware protection for all sites.

Regional Wine and Spirits Retailer

Industry: Retail

Revenue: $400 Million

Offices: 45

Coworkers: 1,000

Use-Case: Business continuity for data center and online ordering

Recommendation: DRaaS, Backup as a Service

Outcome: DRaaS mitigated a data center outage due to violence and civil unrest. Significant cost savings while preserving online ordering during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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