Speed is the name of the game.

Applications, devices and users require immediate response for optimal performance. Even the most traditional businesses are becoming high tech with sensors and automation.

Proximity to the source of data is THE foundation for high performance.

As more industries adopt next generation technology, the network edge must extend to meet the application where it resides.

We help clients build for better performance, higher reliability, lower latency and faster time to market.

Project Profiles

Global Big Data and Analytics Software

Industry: Technology

Revenue: $1.83 Billion

Offices: 81, 43 countries

Coworkers: 8,600

Use-Case: Highly networked location for new Software as a Service (SaaS) offering

Recommendation: Colocation and Cloud Exchange

Outcome: Migrated hundreds of racks from central US to Ashburn, VA and San Jose, CA. Over 1B cloud revenue from SaaS offering projected by 2025.

Large Health Insurance Association

Industry: Insurance

Revenue: $47 Billion

Offices: 60

Coworkers: 24,000

Use-Case: Digital transformation slowed by limited bandwidth and redundancy

Recommendation: Colocation

Outcome: Customer moved critical assets into a colocation facility with ultra low latency connections. Millions saved on virtual meeting costs while improving performance in connectivity and user experience.

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