AI Perspectives – Candace Sanchez, Advocate Health / EndCAN

Candace Sanchez embodies what it means to be a successful career woman who gives back. She is not only the Director of Health IT of Strategic Partnerships at Advocate Health but is also an Author, Speaker, Life Coach, and Board Member of EndCAN, the National Foundation that strives to end child abuse and neglect. Candace is surrounded by technology, whether it be during her workday at Aurora or after her “9-5” when she is trying to better the world. It was an absolute honor to discuss AI with Candace and gain her perceptive on this dominating technology.


Candace has climbed the ladder of success in her career. From starting in healthcare as a Pediatric Department Specialist, Registration Data Entry Clerk, and Managed Care Associate, Candace grew her knowledge and expertise in the healthcare vertical. She eventually found a love for Health IT and landed a job as a Technology Services Manager, which lead to her current role.  Throughout her career she has been encompassed with emerging, impressive technology solutions, and AI is no exception. Candace utilizes AI in many areas of her life and encourages others to do so too. “In this whole digital transformation that’s going on, whether it’s in healthcare or you’re an entrepreneur using it in business,” she said, “there’s a lot of ways to use AI to work towards our advantage.”


Candace uses AI for the entrepreneurial side of her career. Being a public speaker, author, and podcast host, she has used Chat GPT to help form some of her scripts. This helps her words flow nicely while maintaining her personal voice. While Candace is an advocate for using AI to help, she warns others to not rely too heavily on tools like Chat GPT. When discussing the art of communication she mentioned, “AI should be used as a tool, not as a crutch. Everybody should know how to communicate as a person.”


Candace then touched on the importance of digital transformation, similar to that of AI, within healthcare.  There is a massive advantage for Advocate Health  patients having the ability to utilize an integrative digital solution such as MyChart. Advocate Health brands their MyChart application as “Live Well.”  Live Well makes managing health and wellness easy through features like direct messaging with providers, receiving test results, and scheduling appointments within the application. The platform is a popular option for health consumers to manage their own health.


In her role today, Candace works with many people in her community and understands the impact of applications that utilize AI. This impact raises some concerns of potential complications. During our discussion, she kept addressing the different age demographics she works with and the education we should be providing to these different groups of people regarding AI. “We have to think about all the generations of people that are using these different types of technologies.” She mentioned, “How do we safeguard, how do we educate, how do we inform, and how do we protect?”


This fear seems to be common among all the leaders I have interviewed so far. Whether dealing with a contact center chat bot or AI in general, there is a general concern of older generations struggling with this advancement of technology. Candace discussed that “(Older folks) need to talk to a person. They want to talk to a real human being when addressing an issue.” We need to make our chat bots or agent assist as simple as possible, so this generation of people have an easier time getting their questions answered. There are solutions for this… without making this article a RISE commercial, feel free to contact us to learn more about these solutions.


Candace uses AI in many areas of her life. Her advice to those who are just learning about AI or are debating utilizing AI more in their organization would be this – “Pivot, adjust, and adapt. If you can do that as a person, no matter what industry you are in, you can find success.”

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