Zero Trust a Network Architecture or Framework?

Everyone is talking about Zero Trust as the new standard in Cyber Security. Gone are the days of perimeter protection alone and security over public networks. Hard to believe it’s been almost 9 years since the first MASSIVE inside hack of credit cards at Target. Everyone was floored to learn malicious code was deployed by a laptop connected to a guest network. Even harder to believe enterprises and public organizations are still taking the same approach to security as back in 2013. Most clients now believe while ZTNA–Zero Trust Network Architecture is the correct approach to access control and the proper evolution of the Virtual Private Network VPN, advisors are encouraging this approach to the broader IT architecture, not just the network. It’s a never ending cycle of trying to get one step ahead of the bad actors. So where to start? How to prioritize? Who are the players?

For ZTNA, a phased and timeline based approach works for both large enterprises and small businesses. Below is an example of how some organizations are approaching their planning and priority around ZTNA. There is no specific order for how services are deployed but we agree with on their 7 components of ZTNA


Endpoints and Devices

Internet Traffic



Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and Logging

Steady State

Check out for a detailed phased approach to ZTNA. Our research across most of these firms is helping clients find the right vendors once the timeline and roadmaps are generally outlined. Let us help you find the gaps, increase your time to deploy and help shepherd you through the massive amounts of offerings, suppliers and consumption models.

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