Investment Choices

Pleasure to join Harry Green of Hamilton Barnes for the Route to Networking Podcast

Harry engages with leaders all across the technology spectrum, sharing best practices, tips for job seekers, entrepreneurs, and strategies for support and business development executives. I find these discussions on point, hitting relevant topics, eliciting thought provoking ideas and a really fun listen. Hamilton Barnes is a fantastic connector of people and business. Utilizing an approach to technology, “PEOPLE” networking along with forward thinking ideas, they are leading the pack in engineering recruitment.

I am thrilled to join Harry and the esteemed group of colleagues riffing on the topics of the day. I highly recommend a subscription to “The Route to Networking” podcast. Below is a snippet from our discussion. I’m highlighting here where RISE intends to invest as we grow our client and coworker footprint. We believe in supporting the growth of our clients by offering resources and advocates aligned with their needs versus the supplier/partner needs. A strong anchor to a client and their preferred outcome is the key to long term growth, value and loyalty. One of the may topics discussed with Harry. Have a listen and check them out.

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