Network as a Service Gaining momentum

Great Article by James Anderson at Channel Futures on Network as a Service (NaaS).

Like almost all other technologies, organizations are looking to preserve capital, leverage their existing investments, increase capacity and decrease downtime. Many of these firms are also looking at best of breed suppliers to provide a wrapper and deliver the stack as a service. Starting with mail and meetings (can you imagine owning a conference bridge vs. Zoom, Webex, or TEAMS?) moving into CRM, everything that can be delivered as a service is doing just that.

Why not network?

What if you’re able to use the wire(s) closest to your facility vs. waiting for someone to build in or being forced to use a sub par supplier because of a contract or provider speculative investment? While Network As a Service solves for using whatever access is available (fiber, copper, coax, wireless, satellite–hotel/store wifi, you name it), suppliers can overlay performance routing, caching, direct connectivity to clouds, security and such to finish the solution. Thank you James for the thoughtful perspective, thrilled to have RISE perspective in your piece.

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